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See the grants and loans amounts

There are no tuition fees at Danish educational institutions. The student support is granted by the State (in the form of State education grants and loans), and it is the only source of support of any importance. Student support is available from the quarter after the students' 18th birthday. Grants and State loans are given to educations recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Support is given in the form of grants and government subsidized State loans.


You can see the grants amounts here for students following a youth education program

You can see the grants amounts here for students following higher education courses

State loans

Students can obtain State loans - You can see the State loans amounts here.

If you are taking a higher education programme and have used up all your study grant portions, you can get a completion loan (slutlån). You can receive a completion loan in the last year of your studies. Interest is paid on the completion loan and it is paid back on the same terms as the regular State Loan. You can receive a completion loan for a maximum of 12 months.

Both the study grant, loan and study abroad scholarship are paid to a NemKonto in monthly instalments. A NemKonto is an ordinary bank account which the student already has and which the public authorities use when they pay out money. Contact your bank to get a NemKonto.

On completion of their studies, students must start paying back the State loans. The repayment must begin one year after the end of the year, in which they have completed their studies. The duration of the period of repayment must not exceed 15 years.

During the period of study, the State loans will carry a 4% annual interest rate. On completion of the studies, the annual interest rate is the discount rate of the Danish Central Bank plus an adjustment which can be negative or positive, but at most plus 1 percentage point.