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Here you can read about COVID-19 regulations when studying abroad.

How should I relate to the requirements concerning study activity and delay when studying a higher education abroad?

Documentation for study activity

You must continue to send in/upload documentation for the semi-annual study control.

If you do not have the possibility to document your study activity due to COVID-19 you will have to fill out the form Certification of active participation in the studies according to the study schedule blanketten til studiedokumentation here, and solemnly sign that you are following the studies according to the schedule.

Documentation for completion of your education

Please fill out the form Certification of active participation in the studies according to the study schedule blanketten til studiedokumentation, and solemnly sign that you have completed your education. When your educational institution opens again, we may ask you to have the form signed by the institution.

If you are delayed in your higher education studies because of the COVID-19 situation, you can apply for additional SU beyond the prescribed duration of the study period and thus obtain extension of the support period. You will have to document a causality between COVID-19 and your delay, and your application will be individually assessed

I have gone home to my parents, because my education abroad is closed. Does it affect my SU- rate?

If you have gone home because of COVID-19 and therefore have changed your address to your parents address, you will, as a starting point receive the lower SU rate for students living with their parents. You will receive a notification about your state educational grant (støttemeddelelse) in your e-Boks saying, that your SU rate has been changed. If you consider yourself to still be entitled to the higher SU rate for students not living with their parents, please contact either the Foreign sectionp (udlandsenheden) or your Danish educational institution as soon as possible.