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If you have questions regarding equal status with Danish citizens, and you cannot find an answer online, you can enquire about it via phone or Digital Post

Video on how to be considered a migrant worker according to the EU-law:


You can use our phone number or Digital Post


72 31 79 00 - 10:00-15:30

Digital Post via

Enquiries regarding equal status with Danish citizens

Log on with your NemID and fill in the form.

If the nature of your enquiry requires you to upload any documents, click on the paper clip icon.

When you have drawn up your mail, click “Send”

Via Digital Post it is possible to upload up to 4MB pr. mail.

Other types of enquiries

Look here how to contact us about other types of enquiries.

The Agency’s address

Uddannelses- og Forskningsstyrelsen
Haraldsgade 53
2100 København Ø.
CVR: 34 04 20 12

It is not possible to get personal processing of your case by appearing personally at the Agency.