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If you are a foreign citizen, you can be granted equal status according to Danish rules and apply for SU for a study programme in Denmark

There are different Danish rules according to which you may apply for equal status with Danish citizens so that you can receive SU. There are different conditions you must fulfil depending on the rules under which you apply for equal status.
Read more about the conditions for being granted equal status.

You came to Denmark with your parents

You are married to a Danish citizen

You have worked in Denmark

You have resided in Denmark for a minimum of 5 years

You belong to the Danish minority in Southern Slesvig

You fall within Section 2 (2) (refugees) or Section 2 (3) and 2 (4) (aliens granted family reunification) of the Act on Integration of Aliens in Denmark

You are a Turkish child of a Turkish worker

Equal status can be discontinued

If you apply for SU for a new study programme and previously have been granted equal status with Danish citizens according to the Danish rules, you do not have to apply for equal status again.

However, please note that you must apply for equal status again if you have lived outside of Denmark for a continuous period of more than two years, as your equal status is no longer valid after this period.

You can lose your right to reside

If you are a third-country national (i.e. a citizen of a country outside the Nordic countries or the EU/EEA) and you hold a residence permit in Denmark as a student, you may not receive public assistance / benefit payments, including state educational grant (SU). It may have consequences for your right to stay in Denmark, if you receive SU (which is public assistance / benefit payments). It is your responsibility to make sure that you keep to the rules, which apply for your right to stay in Denmark. If you have questions regarding the rules of your stay in Denmark, you must contact the immigration authorities – please see