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From the month you take on the State Education Loan until you have paid off the loan entirely, interest rates are added to your debt

Interest is added to the loan while you are studying and after you have finished your education until the loan is paid off entirely. You will also have to pay off interest of the interests, which are added to the amount you owe on a monthly basis.

The interest rate during and after completing your study programme

While you are studying, the interest rate on the State Education Loan is 4 percent.

When you have completed your study programme the interest rate on your loan changes. The new rate is the result of the national discount rate plus an addition (of maximum 1 percent) or minus a deduction. The addition/deduction is determined every year according to the Finance Act.

The majority of people pay off their loan as planned. Should you decide not to follow the plan for paying off your loan, then the institution Udbetaling Danmark, Studiegæld will hand over your debt to Gældsstyrelsen. When that happens, your interest rate rises to 8,05%. Furthermore, you will also have to pay collection letter fees and termination fees.

Udbetaling Danmark, Studiegæld can answer your questions

If you have any questions regarding the interest on your State Education loan, you can contact Udbetaling Danmark.

Student debt, Maximum number of years for paying off the loan, Subsidy every other month in DKK, Total amount to pay off: 

Student debt

Maximum number
of years for paying
off the loan

Subsidy every other
month in DKK

Total amount
to pay off

240.000 kr.

15 år

2.873 kr.

258.570 kr.

220.000 kr.

15 år

2.634 kr.

237.060 kr.

200.000 kr.

15 år 2.394 kr. 215.460 kr.

180.000 kr.

14 år 2.297 kr. 192.948 kr.

160.000 kr.

13 år 2.189 kr. 170.742 kr.

140.000 kr.

12 år 2.065 kr. 148.680 kr.

120.000 kr.

11 år 1.921 kr. 126.786 kr.

100.000 kr.

10 år 1.752 kr. 105.120 kr.

80.000 kr.

9 år 1.550 kr. 83.700 kr.

60.000 kr.

8 år 1.301 kr. 62.448 kr.

40.000 kr.

7 år 987 kr. 41.454 kr.

20.000 kr.

7 år 493 kr. 20.706 kr.